Current Programs

CG Fund supports programs that equip today’s public school students and those in need of employment with skills needed to search for and successfully apply for jobs, now and in the future.

we aim for


Partnering with local NGOs to conduct training to strengthen skills needed to find a job for vocational school, high school and university graduates ready to enter the job market.


Helping job seekers to gain the skills needed in the current local job market.


Offering guidance to job seekers to find employment.


Partnering with local and international NGOs, donors, and other investors to link job training with job placement efforts.


Collaborating with and incentivize local companies and businesses to offer internships in various fields of employment.


Contributing to humanitarian programs through local partners when needs are critical.


The foundation of any job skill is rooted in a basic education. Lebanon’s public schools are facing many challenges, among them, a reliable source of electricity and access to computers to teach students coding and robotics. Many private and semi-private schools are also struggling with these same issues. CG Fund places great emphasis on supporting schools and educating the next generation.


Training is essential to improve employability skills for those looking for work. Another important step in securing employment is having the chance to do an internship or train as an apprentice to learn a trade. In order to link those in need of a job with the jobs that are available, CG Fund hopes in the future to offer Help Desk services to those looking for employment.


As Lebanon is suffering the third most severe economic crisis in 150 years, unemployment is skyrocketing, and the local currency has lost over 90% of its value, CG Fund cannot turn a blind eye to what the Lebanese people are facing.

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