Humanitarian Assistance

CG Fund has made donations across Lebanon, inspired by the work NGOs are doing to alleviate the suffering of many, both in Lebanon and elsewhere around the globe

While CG Fund’s focus is promoting development projects, it is keenly aware of the great hardship most people living in Lebanon are experiencing in general. CG Fund has seen the power shortages continue unabated. Everyone must rely on generators or solar power to generate electricity. The cost of diesel to run the generators has increased 100% since 2019. The result has been that electricity is out of reach for not only individuals, but institutions as well.

Solar Loan program

With over 300 days of sunshine, solar power is a natural, sustainable solution. CG Fund has come up with a creative way to help schools and institutions make the transition from reliance on diesel powered generators to solar power by offering interest free loans of up to 50% of the cost of the materials and installation. Using funds previously budgeted for diesel, schools and institutions can pay back the loan within about two years.

Medical and COVID Relief

donations of medical materials and medicine in short supply in Lebanon due to the economic crisis; funding a surgery for a patient with insufficient funds.

Supplement Salaries

alleviating the loss of disposable income for teachers and staff at schools and NGOs.

Support NGOs

general donations to NGOs so they can continue their vital missions as well as covering the expenses of generator maintenance and purchases of generators at a discount so they can operate during the chronic power outages.

Food Distribution:

donation of funds so that NGOs could purchase food that they distribute to those in need.

Support Education:

payment of tuition for students unable to afford going to school, buying tablets to help with distance learning, and contributing towards training 41 Teach for Lebanon Fellows.

Jeyetna Festival Support:

funding the catering and generator rental to help make this effort to raise awareness of period poverty a reality.
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Some of Our Partners
From North to South, from Beirut to the Beqaa, CG Fund cannot ignore the basic services those living in Lebanon are lacking. CG Fund has collaborated with over 40 NGOs who have the local knowledge of how best to reach those in need.


Solar Loans
salaries supplemented
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