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CG Fund was established in July 2021 as a response to the growing crisis in Lebanon. The Lebanese are witnessing a major disaster that is taking place in their country as the political, economic, and social fabric of the country is imploding. With so much to do, CG Fund is focusing its efforts on training job seekers, providing access to digital resources, and supporting public schools.



To facilitate sustainable job opportunities for youth and women residing in Lebanon.


To finance and support programs that are committed to the economic empowerment of youth and women in Lebanon by

– Financing education and livelihood (training, internships, and job placement) initiatives in partnership with non-politically affiliated organizations working in Lebanon.

– Supporting clean and affordable energy projects to enable implementation of these initiatives.




To align, coordinate, and leverage the strength and efforts of public schools and already established institutions, local NGOs, social enterprises, and initiatives to build their capacity to create sustainable job opportunities through education and livelihood (training, internships / apprenticeships, and job placement) programs for youth and women.



To foster partnerships among Lebanese public schools, institutions, NGOs, social enterprises, and initiatives to

– promote collaboration among themselves.

– increase efficiency to attract international NGOs, donors, and other investors.

– build networks of organizations with common goals and related projects.



To support programs of economic empowerment that support Lebanese public schools, institutions, NGOs, social enterprises, and initiatives for youth and women.



Belief in the principle to do no harm and conduct honest interactions.


Dedication to making a difference and creating sustainable solutions.


Open and clear communication between us, our partners, constituency, and beneficiaries.


Working together to achieve our goals and objectives in every aspect of our relationships.

CG Fund proudly supports

CG Fund proudly supports and contributes to the fulfillment of these UN Sustainable Development Goals:


CG Fund’s story

Inspired by three people who have lived their lives in service to others, role models for all, CG Fund’s co-founders wanted to continue a legacy of giving. Coming from this background, community service is in their DNA. Prior to the establishment of CG Fund, personal donations to support humanitarian efforts in Lebanon and elsewhere made a difference. The co-founders wanted to create a sustainable model for giving and thus, CG Fund was established.

Rajab Jubaili

Atef Jubaili

Joan Taugher

Monica & Maher Jubaili


Maher Jubaili


In 1990, Maher and his two brothers established Jubaili Bros., an international company offering power solutions in ten countries. Beginning his retirement in July 2021, Maher is now able to spend full time working on a project that is dear to his heart, CG Fund. Hailing from Saida, Lebanon, he has always supported charitable projects in his native country as well as created Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects at Jubaili Bros.

Monica Jubaili


Coming from California to spend a year abroad in 1972, Monica met Maher at the American University of Beirut. Retired from teaching since 2003, she has been volunteering for the various organizations she belongs to, including FAWCO. She spent six years on the FAWCO Board of Directors as President, Vice President – Communications, and Vice President – Committees. This invaluable experience has come in handy as she and Maher have spent 2021 setting up CG Fund.

Elizabeth Charbaji


Having lived 25 years in Lebanon, this Hungarian national is passionate about helping her second country during these difficult times. Trained as a civil engineer, Elizabeth is generous in sharing the wealth of experience she has gained in over 15 years of international aid work in Indonesia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and South Sudan. This invaluable contribution is helping to build the foundations of CG Fund.

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Rajab Jubaili

Always giving a helping hand, Rajab Jubaili never let on exactly what he was doing, and how many families he was helping in his native Saida. It was only after his unexpected death that the extent of his charitable efforts came to light. In fact, the day before entering the hospital, Rajab was busy distributing funds to those in need. Without the benefit of a formal organization, he worked quietly behind the scenes, modest and private, leading by example. 

Atef Jubayli

A self-made man who worked at night and studied during the day to complete his university education, Atef Jubayli worked up the corporate ladder of Tapline in Zahrani, Lebanon. At the same time he was establishing his career, he was also involved in the early stages of launching the Lebanese Management Association (LMA) which was founded in 1959. He spent sixty years promoting LMA’S programs, all on a volunteer basis, and had a lasting impact on three generations of business professionals.

Joan Taugher​

A woman who never had a “real” job, Joan Taugher worked very hard. Besides raising three children, she also cared for her brother who had severe mental disabilities. Through her sheer determination and love, her brother outlived the doctors’ predictions that he would die in infancy by 67 years. She was always involved in working with the Association for Retarded Citizens (ARC), and became president of its California chapter. Her career spanned over 40 years with ARC as well as several other NGOs.

Monica & Maher Jubaili

CG Fund Co-Founders, Maher and Monica Jubaili, have been inspired by Maher’s father, Rajab and his Uncle Atef as well as Monica’s mother, Joan. Certainly not the only ones to inspire them, these three individuals did make the biggest impact on them. Living in Dubai and frustrated with the increasingly difficult situation in Lebanon, Maher and Monica knew they had to find a way to help.