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Humanitarian Assistance

Success Stories


Osama got a job in Turkey after completing Tools for Success, using his improved English and interview skills which he learned during the course...


Ryan’s cover letter and updated CV led to an interview. She had improved her interview skills that she practiced during Tools for Success and gained confidence...


A dropout, without an official certificate, Jalal found out he could not find a job, even though he had experience working as an electrician. While taking Tools for Success, he registered to go back to technical school...


Education lays the foundation and Livelihood through Training builds on this foundation by adding new skills, Internships / Apprenticeships reinforces what has been learned, and Job Placement is the result of this process. Reaching not only the participants, but also the communities they live in, is key to making an impact that goes beyond teaching the foundation and skills needed to find a job. As the employability of individuals increases, families will become more financially secure, students will receive quality instruction, and the community will benefit.
Through its Humanitarian Assistance program, CG Fund is making in-kind donations (solar energy installation and equipping community computer centers) to support schools and organizations so that they may continue to make an impact in their communities. Past donations have also addressed other urgent needs.


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