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Humanitarian Assistance
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our story

Since July 2021 CG Fund has been focused on sustainable job creation through Education and Livelihood initiatives (Training, Internships, and Job Placement). At the same time, CG Fund provides Humanitarian Assistance as it cannot turn a blind eye to the hardships those living in Lebanon are suffering.
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tools for success

Offers participants an opportunity to gain marketable job skills through courses in English, computer, and soft skills.


computer centers

Equips computer centers to reach vulnerable communities and give them access to computers and internet.


Teacher training

Trains new and aspiring teachers in teaching methodology and offers in-service training to experienced teachers.


Humanitarian assistance

Addresses critical needs through timely donations as the cost of food, medical services, tuition, and fuel becomes beyond the means of many in Lebanon.




Provides the foundation in skills that today’s eight-year-old students will need in ten years to find jobs in the future.



Focuses on upskilling job seekers while providing the support needed to increase chances of employability.



Addresses critical needs through in-kind and other donations as the cost of electricity, internet and other services have become beyond the means of many in Lebanon.


our impact

Education and Livelihood (Training, Internships, and Job Placement) are the core pillars for creating sustainable job opportunities that impact individuals and the community alike. Reaching not only the participants, but also the communities they live in, is key to making an impact that goes beyond teaching the skills needed to find a job. As the employability of individuals increases, families will become more financially secure, students will receive quality instruction, and the community will benefit.
CG Fund’s Humanitarian Assistance has reached over 40 Lebanese NGOs and their beneficiaries by making donations to support urgent needs.
CG Fund measures its success by the impact it has made on those living in vulnerable communities in Lebanon.

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