With the realization that students of today will be job seekers in the future, CG Fund’s focus is on Education, ensuring these students receive the skills needed to meet the job market demands of the next ten years.
After conducting a needs assessment and interview with public school principals, CG Fund is focused on providing public schools with:
CG Fund is facilitating the introduction of computer programming, coding and robotics by supporting the teaching of these courses in public schools. As a first step, outdated computers need to be refurbished. Next, to ensure that these computers can be used, CG Fund is installing solar panels so that there is a reliable supply of electricity to power the computer labs as well as the schools’ administration wings.

Our Partners

CG Fund began its Public School Project by working with schools in Saida and neighboring areas, working in collaboration with the Lebanese Ministry of Higher Education. Partnering with nafda and Code Brave who have introduced coding at the Maarouf Saad school for a pilot project, CG Fund is looking to promote joint projects to focus on educational excellence
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